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Motul Motor Oil - OEM Specific UNIVERSAL

Brand: MOTUL | Category: Motor Oil
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101573 Speciality Oil
VW 505.01, 502.00, 505.00
Size 1L Bottle (1.05 qt)
104423 Speciality Oil
Ford 948B
Size 5L Jug (1.3 gal)
106317 Speciality Oil
Ford 948B
Size 1L Bottle (1.05 qt)
106374 Speciality Oil
504.00, 507.00
Size 1L Bottle (1.05 qt)

Product Description

Manufacturers develop increasingly complex engines while extending the intervals between scheduled maintenance. For some manufacturers’ specific technology, Motul has developed a line of lubricants specifically tailored to each type of machine.

Motul Specific (OEM) BMW LL-01 0w30
Recommended for late model BMW’s requiring a lubricant that meets longlife-01 standard.

Motul Specific (OEM) VW 503.00 506.00 0w30
Meets VW 503.00 and 506.00 standards. Recommended for extended oil change intervals.

Motul Specific (OEM) VW 505.01 5w40
Specially formulated for VW engines. Particularly adopted for an optimal lubrication of TDi engines with pump injectors. VW 500.00-505.01–505.00 API SJ/CF – ACEA A3/B3 (FORD WSS M2C 917A).

Motul Specific (OEM) Ford 913c 5w30
Ford WSS M2C 913 A&B.

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